It’s all here - everything you need to clean, disinfect, deodorize and store respirators! The Complete Fresh-Kit® system puts safety into one convenient package.

This kit contains:
  • 2 heavy-duty cleaning pails, two gallons of biodegradable hospital-grade germicidal detergent (FG350-G, 1/2 oz. per gallon dilution ratio)
  • 2 scrub brushes (FK239)
  • 2 two ounce air bulbs 
  • 2 boxes of Sterile Storage Bags and Seals (FP856-S, bag size: 8"x5"x26")
  • 2 packs of 100 (CG748) Cotton Cloth Drying Wipes

This easy to use system meets OSHA, ANSI, CSA, and NFPA Standards for respirator hygiene and will clean, disinfect and store 180 full-face masks! Instructions and measuring cups are also included.