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The GS5500 Mask Scrubber is ideal for precleaning high volumes of face masks without the need for individually scrubbing each heavily soiled mask. Why individually clean dirty mask when the GS5500 will automatically clean high volumes of masks? This system features a stainless steel scrub tank with sixteen soft scrub brushes to gently submerge, agitate and clean hard surface non porous safety equipment.

Load equipment to be cleaned into the wash tank and press the start button. The system fills automatically and injects the proper amount of a solvent free, environmentally friendly detergent.
The GS5500 will start the scrubbing/agitation cycle while constantly filtering and trapping debris from the wash tank water.
Once the cycle has stopped, the equipment is removed and put into either the GS4800 or GS5000 Mask Washer to be disinfected and rinsed.

  • Control center
  • Stainless steel scrub tank
  • One gallon of the FK265 Detergent
  • One year parts and labor warranty
A one year of parts and labor warranty and compliance with ANSI,OSHA and CSA Standards. The GS5500 incorporates an environmentally friendly detergent to ensure the best automatic wash possible. This solvent free detergent is guaranteed not to harm the facemasks of any respirator manufacturer.

The GS5500 reuses water and detergent cycle after cycle. The wash tank water is consistently filtered and is reused saving water and chemical costs.

  • 5 foot 3 wire power cord on the top rear of the washer
  • 6 foot flexible drain hose
  • Hot and Cold 6-foot flexible hoses with 3/4" female GHT near the top rear of washer


  • Power Cord: 5 ft

  • Plug: NEMA 5-15P 15 Amp

  • 120 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 11 Amp, 1 phase

  • Connect To: 20 Amp Breaker

Cycle Time

  • 30 Minutes

Water Supply

  • Inlet: 2 different 3/8" hose ID with 3/4" GHT

  • Pressure: 50 psi (Recommended) (Max: 75, Min: 40)

  • Temperature: User Supplied 110°F (Recommended)

Capacity per Cycle

  • Full-face Masks: 20

  • Half-face Masks: 40


  • Length: 6 ft

  • Drain Height: 3 ft (Max)

Pump Size

  • 1/4 hp


  • Height: 38"

  • Depth: 24"

  • Length: 26"

  • Weight: 600 pounds

Water Requirements

  • 65 gallons

Price: $28,000.00
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